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Antibiotics As A Yeast Infection Cure

Antibiotics as a yeast infection cure is an idea that no yeast infection sufferer should be thinking of, it should be left as an idea. Antibiotics are no cure for Candida overgrowth and they are now the biggest cause of vaginal and intestinal yeast infections. Antibiotics do kill the yeast, but because they kill your friendly bacteria and weaken your immune system, when you finish the course of medication your body becomes the perfect place for the yeast to thrive in.

Your friendly bacteria

Your body has billions of live friendly bacteria living in and on it protecting you from infection causing bacteria they can infect you at any time. We all have infection causing bacteria living in our bodies like E coli, the Candia Albicans yeast and salmonella, but our friendly bacteria stop this bad bacteria getting out of control. When the friendly bacteria has been killed by the antibiotics the infection causing bacteria and fungus can then take over.

Yeast infections are the most popular infection after a course of antibiotics because the yeast is instantly fed when you eat. The Candida yeast loves sugar and refined carbohydrates which is a high percentage of out modern day diet. When you start feeding it after you have finished the antibiotics it will quickly multiply because it mutates into an aggressive fungus. This fungus is what causes all of your symptoms when it starts to feed on your body's cell membranes.

Antibiotics as a yeast infection cure and your immune system

If you use antibiotics as a yeast infection cure you will also make your immune system weaker. Your friendly bacteria are important for the health of your immune system as well as the health of your intestines. When your immune system is weak your body can be infected with more than just a yeast infection. Your immune system is your natural defense system so it needs to be running at its best at all times otherwise anything can happen infection-wise.

A natural cure for your yeast infections

If you're thinking about using antibiotics as a yeast infection cure because all the conventional treatments you have tried haven't worked you can use a very successful natural yeast infection cure. Sarah Summer has created a natural yeast cure from years of research that she gathered to naturally cure her own chronic yeast infections. Sarah tried every anti fungal her doctor could prescribe until she was told she will never cure her yeast infection.

Sarah's yeast infection was impossible to cure, but it was only impossible to cure with anything her doctor could give her. When she discovered a natural yeast infection cure she was soon cured, and now she is passing on her knowledge to you.

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