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Antibiotics And Yeast Infections

Antibiotics and yeast infections are two things that follow each other for more and more women all the time. They take antibiotics to cure one infection only to start suffering from a yeast infection soon afterwards. Antibiotics are now the biggest cause of yeast infections because they destroy your body's natural defenses, and it's these defenses that have to be repaired before the infection can be fully treated.

What antibiotics do to your natural defenses

Antibiotics are taken to treat bacterial infections, and they are very good at killing bacteria. The problems start after the antibiotics have killed the beneficial/friendly bacteria in your body as well. The friendly bacteria are there to look after you, and they do this by killing off bad bacteria and yeasts.

When your beneficial bacteria are low in numbers because of the antibiotics you've taken then the Candia yeast ( that we all have in us ) is allowed to take over and then it mutates into an aggressive fungus. This is why antibiotics and yeast infections are now more commonly found together.

Your diet of sugar and refined foods

Because the modern day diet is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates the Candida are fed continuously because sugar and these other poor quality carbohydrates are their favorite foods. This means that the Candida Albicans yeast gets regular food, and can grow faster in numbers when the bacteria start repopulating your intestines.

In a normal healthy person who eats diet that is nutritious the bacterial balance will usually continue as it has always done. Not everyone gets a yeast infection after antibiotics, it depends on your diet and the strength of you immune system.

Your immune system

If you eat a diet that lacks nutrition then you may have already had a weakened immune system before you took the antibiotics. A strong immune system will also be a natural defense of your body that prevents and fights off infections. Your immune system needs a healthy diet and probiotics to stay at full strength to prevent infection such as yeast infections. Antibiotics will weaken an already weakened immune system for 2 reasons...

  • They kill your beneficial bacteria
  • Your body becomes reliant on them to fight infections

If you've taken antibiotics on many occasions then your body will eventually expect them to be taken every time you have an infection. You'll also have a higher chance of suffering from a yeast infection afterwards.

How to treat yourself after antibiotics and yeast infections

If you are suffering from a yeast infections after antibiotics then you need to reverse the damage that the antibiotics have done to your body's natural defenses. You can do this with a Natural Yeast Infection Remedies.

When you follow a yeast infection natural remedy you'll strengthen all your body's natural defenses so you treat the infection from the cause, and you will have a better understanding of why antibiotics and yeast infections are getting more popular.

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