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Acid reflux

Acid reflux is a health condition that is always treated with antacid drugs or chalky indigestion remedies by your doctor. Around all other GERD suffers will purchase indigestion remedies over the counter without seeing their doctor. The problem with all these remedies is they are only masking GERD signs and symptoms, and what can be a serious health problem, and in the end all these treatments will ruin your health.

Your stomach acid

When you eat a meal and you start to suffer with your reflux you probably take some sort of indigestion relief to ease the burning in your stomach and esophagus. These remedies work by neutralizing the acid in your stomach that is causing the burning. This instant relief causes people to believe that what they're doing is the best thing for them, but this isn't the case.

Your stomach needs that acid that you've neutralized to properly digest your food. Without the acid your food enters your intestines and bowel in an undigested state. Stomach acid is also needed to kill bacteria and fungus that get swallowed with your food as this microorganisms will enter your intestines and cause problems such as Candidiasis which is a yeast infection of the intestines.


Undigested food entering your bowels also causes constipation so if you're suffering from constipation now then you now know why.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

When the food that you eat isn't getting digested properly you'll soon start to suffer from deficiencies of important nutrients that your body needs to function properly. This will cause more health problems either very soon or later in life.

Heartburn natural cure

Taking antacid supplements and using prescription drugs is not going to do your health any good in the long run. This things don't improve your health or digestion, they are just masking the symptoms until you need to take them again. They can lead to intestinal Candida as your body needs acid to digest food properly and kill bacteria.

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