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Acid Reflux Signs

Acid reflux signs and symptoms are something that should not be ignored, and they are telling you that something is not working the way that it should be in your digestive tract. With this in mind almost all acid reflux ( GERD ) sufferers will go out and purchase an over the counter indigestion remedy to mask the effects of their symptoms. The main symptom of acid reflux is a burning behind the breast bone that is caused by acid rising up from the stomach into the esophagus. It's important to tell you at this point, that if you haven't been to see your doctor yet, now is a good time to make sure you have no illness or medical condition that's causing your acid reflux.

Causes of acid reflux

Acid reflux is caused by the lower esophagus sphincter ( LES ) relaxing so it no longer does its job properly, and that's keeping food and stomach acid in your stomach. Once the LES relaxes and opens up to let the acid and food into your esophagus it will then close back up to prevent it from returning, and that's when you suffer from the burning behind the sternum. Eventually gravity pulls the acid and food back down, but until then the acid will burn you behind the chest bone.

Watching what you're eating can help alleviate your acid reflux signs and symptoms. For many sufferers certain foods trigger off attacks, and these are the ones that should be avoided instead of tolerated and then hidden with an indigestion remedy.

Other acid reflux signs

Other fairly common signs and symptoms of acid reflux are a burning sensation in the throat and/or a sour taste in the mouth. Lots of gas in the stomach causing burping is also a sign that there is too much acid activity in the stomach, but in saying that, gas in the stomach can also be a sign that there's not enough acid. Acid reflux and coughing are two symptoms that go together quite often due to the acid irritating the lining of the throat.

Nighttime acid reflux

Nighttime acid reflux is very common in sufferers. This is due to the body being in a position where the acid that rises from the stomach no longer has gravity behind it to help it back down into the stomach. Raising the head of your bed will help you if you suffer from nighttime acid reflux. You can buy special pillows for acid reflux online. You can purchase a wedge pillow to help eliminate nighttime GERD attacks here - Acid reflux wedge pillow.

Foods that you eat

What trigger acid reflux? There are certain foods that you should avoid if you suffer form acid reflux like spicy foods, and there are also foods that some individuals can't eat but others can. For you this is just a process of elimination but cutting out the foods that cause your GERD will save you paying for expensive medication all the time.

Natural remedy for acid reflux

If you're currently paying for expensive antacids to cover up acid reflux signs and symptoms you may want to try a natural acid reflux treatment. Your health and digestion will benefit from a natural reflux remedy as long term antacid use can cause many problems due to your body continually having undigested food passing through it. Read more information on a natural acid reflux treatment here.

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