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Acid reflux And Coughing

Acid reflux and coughing go hand in hand. This is due to the acid from your stomach entering your esophagus and irritating the lining of your throat. What's important is that you stop your reflux now before your body starts relying on medication to keep your acid levels down. Curing acid reflux naturally is going to eliminate the need for you to take antacids on a regular basis, and prevent you from ending up on PPI's. These prescription drugs can cause rebound acid hypersecretiona, and then you end up needing to take the drugs because you're taking them. It becomes a viscous cycle.

Your stomach acid

Not only does regular antacid treatment or prescription drug treatment ruin your health, but it also prevents you from digesting your food properly. Acid reflux and coughing is a sign that something isn't right, but its not going to be good for you to mask the problem with treatments that then prevent you from digesting your meals. That is only going to lead to more health issues that you could end up getting prescribed more drugs for.

A lifetime of prescription drugs is expensive as well as dangerous.

Acid reflux cough

Acid reflux and coughing also occur at the same time because acid can spill over into the lungs. This can lead to pneumonia or bronchitis which are two conditions no one wants to suffer from, especially when you could go on to lead a normal healthy life.

The reason why the acid reflux causes coughing is because your lower esophageal sphincter has weakened, and instead of keeping your stomach sealed, it lets acid into your esophagus. This condition not only causes coughing, but if allowed to carry on for too long can lead to cancer of the esophagus. This is also known as Barrett's Disease. It is a result of the acid causes the cells to change because of the constant burning.

Stop acid reflux and coughing naturally

Just masking your symptoms every time you suffer, or in some cases, every time you eat, is not going to do your health any good. If you treat your GERDS naturally you will learn what is triggering your indigestion so you can then prevent it from happening. Your body will repay you by working the way it should. You won't start suffering from nutrient deficiencies like you will if you keep neutralizing the needed acid in your stomach.

So you have two options which is one more than you thought you had 10 minutes ago. You can continue with your med's and antacids, and hope that your GERD clears up before your health suffers, or you can use a natural cure.

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