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A Yeast Infection Looks Like

A yeast infection looks like a red rash usually around the edge of the vagina. The area will also be sore ( possibly a burning sensation )and very itchy, and the last thing you should do is aggravate the problem further by scratching it. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms it's important that you go to see your doctor for a correct diagnosis

Yeast infection diagnosis

Only your doctor will know exactly what a yeast infection looks like. Even just by looking at it is still not enough for your doctor. They will take a sample of the area to see exactly what it is that is infecting you as there are many vaginal infections with similar symptoms. It's important to get the diagnosis correct so you know exactly what you need to treat yourself.

Vaginal discharge

Yeast overgrowth also causes vaginal discharge that is like cottage cheese and is odorless. If your discharge has an odor such as a fishy smell then you could have another bacterial infection that will need to be diagnosed by your doctor.

Painful intercourse

Another sign that you're suffering from vaginal Candida is painful intercourse. There should be no reason that you suffer pain in your vagina when you're having sex. Pain can also be caused for dryness that is a sign of fungal overgrowth.

Always see your doctor first

It is only your doctor who can know what a yeast infection looks like. If you have another vaginal infection and you start treating it with an anti fungal cream then the symptoms could disappear leading you to believe you have a fungal infection. IF you have another infection then it will just carry on getting worse even though the symptoms have gone.

And to make it worse the cream you use will actually create a yeast infection because the Candida naturally lives in your vagina, and the cream will cause it to mutate.

Treating your infection

IF you know you definitely have a yeast infection then you can treat it how you want to. You can use a traditional anti fungal cream that you can get from your doctor or over the counter. And you can also treat your Candida fungus with a natural treatment, and the treatment that has been chosen by tens of thousands of suffers, and that Sarah Summer's natural cure which you can read about here - Sarah Summer's Natural Cure For Candida.

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